Portneuf-sur-Mer, Québec. Canada

MérisCool – the unique marine school

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MérisCool – a project by Mériscope and supervised by Jackie Egger – was launched in 2019. The program, complementing our existing offers, is mainly dedicated to high school students & teachers and includes for example the accompany / supervision of a matura thesis on site, field courses on marine biology or lectures and workshops about marine ecosystems.

The Mériscope is a non-profit organisation registered in Canada (province Québec). Since 2001, we have been working with universities, NGOs, companies and government agencies to implement educational programs, research and conversation projects.

We are a small team of very experienced and highly motivated people who work for a better understanding of the impact of human activities on marine mammals, the marine habitat and the polar regions.

Our Goal

  • to bring marine ecosystems authentically closer (oceans, coastal waters, deep sea, Arctic and Antarctic)
  • to make current relevance (global conveyor belt, chemical and nois pollution, climate change, whaling etc.)
  • to encourage young people to think independently and critically
  • to immerse into marine biology topics at the appropriate level of students age and knowledge

… and all this in a pedagogically structured and sustainable way (worksheets, MINT workshops) and professionally presented (marine biologists with field experience).

In order to get free access to our school material, please register here.